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story time

SHORT STORY: A Day In Search Of Donation

One weekend, The Scouts Society of Zainal’s school held A Day In Search Of Donation.       Zainal and his friends went in search of donation from many people. They did odd jobs to get donations from people.  …

story time

SHORT STORY: A Crow And A Dove

A crow expanded its wings and flapped them a few times. “Croak! Croak!” said the crow. It gave the sign that the day was getting hotter. The crow then flew up into the open sky. As always, it was going…

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SHORT STORY: A Crane And A Dog

At the edge of a paddy field were some bushes. In the bushes lived a crane.       Every day, the crane would be at the paddy field to look for food. Early every morning, the crane would be…

story time

SHORT STORY: A Bundle Of Sticks

At the end of a village, there was an old farmer. He lived with his wife who was sick. They had five sons. Their sons were already grown-ups but they were very lazy. They only wanted to eat. The farmer…